No Shots, No Pain, Never Fear the Dentist Again with Total Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles


We do understand your concerns, anxiety, needs and desires; and we will implement the
right solutions when it comes to comprehensive sedation dentistry.

Do patients really have anxiety and fear when
making dental appointments?

The Journal of the American Dental Association states approximately 30% of 1,882 individuals surveyed had “high to moderate dental fear” when having to schedule a dental appointment. So, if this profile fits you, you are not alone! Many people are afraid to visit the dentist, but there is a solution to this dilemma; one that will truly give you a pain free dental experience… it’s called Sedation Dentistry! Many patients have questions about this amazing reality. Here are some questions and answers that will help you decide whether to come in for a sedation consultation:

Most patients feel no distress whatsoever throughout their treatment and feel remarkably well after their procedures are over with little or no after effects and little or no memory of the treatment.
Dr. Lee will administer just enough sedation, so that you will either be asleep or you will be completely unaware of the treatment. The type of sedation appropriate will be determined with you in your consultation appointment.
Dr. Lee will personally meet with you in a consultation before any treatment is scheduled to assess your individual needs, review your medical history and decide what type of sedation will be best for you.
We strongly recommend you do not go to work after your appointment. Before receiving treatment, you are asked to bring someone with you who can take you home and be with you for a certain amount of time afterwards. You will feel great after you are done, but you need to realize that you are still under the effects of the treatment and medication. We ask that you do not perform manual tasks such as exercising or climbing stairs, and that you refrain from operating a motor vehicle or any dangerous machinery.
No, you will be completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure and afterwards. As for the procedure itself, you will have little or no memory of it. This is the basic reason for patients with very high dental anxiety or a severe gag reflex to choose sleep dentistry.
Dr. Lee is highly qualified and experienced in all forms of dental sedation including: oral sedatives, intravenous (IV) sedation, nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia.
The most common side effects are hiccups, which usually last only a few minutes and/or a possible dry mouth. If you do manifest any of the symptoms, you will most likely not even remember them.

No matter your fears or phobias we provide a safe, relaxing environment for the absolute best dental experience you could possibly have.Dr. Ken Lee

Are You a Candidate for Total Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles?

Many people have high anxiety about receiving dental treatments. If this applies to you, consider yourself to be a great candidate for Total Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles. If you have a strong gag reflex, do not react well to needles, have physical limits in your back, neck or jaw, or need multiple dental procedures, you are also a great candidate for sedation dentistry. Call us today for your free consultation to start on the path to restoring your dental heath and achieving your dream smile.